I can't believe that God put us on earth to be ordinary. Lou Holtz 

       Kabbala (Qabalah) is the science of the Soul. It is also the path of sustainable joy. The study of Qabalah offers you unimaginable opportunities to create an extraordinary life for yourself. The curriculum of Qabalah is exalted in the study of the Tree of Life with its Ten Sephiroth (Spheres) or Emanations of Light.
       You choose how deeply and quickly you grow. On a cursory level, you may choose to see yourself as reflected in these 10 mirrors of Light. On a more deeper level, you may choose to perceive yourself through the lenses or attributes of each of the ten Sephiroth. You may also choose a more profound path by walking through each of the 10 doorways (Sephiroth) to choose the experiences necessary to live the mystery of life, accessing the challenges of your gifts, talents and aptitudes.

       To study Qabalah is to study the mechanics of life, for Qabalah takes the infinite, the indescribable, and gives you tools to navigate your life empowered. These tools, which include practical applications, will gain you an understanding of the physics of fulfillment: fully loving oneself.

       You need to ascend the Tree of Life with a Teacher, to be guided in your exploration of these mysteries. You live into one Sephiroth a month, receiving its blessings, challenges, tools and gifts, finally ascending into its Grace.

Qabalah holds the philosophical fundamentals found in every religion and philosophy. Indeed, it is a calling to become a Kabbalist. Do you hear the call?

       Year-long programs begin quarterly and are kept small (4-5 students). Introduction: 4.5 hours $225 and 10 Sephiroth + Da'Ath Classes: 3-4 hours $175 each month. Call 708.715.5705 for a conversation or email your questions to Lillian@LillianFlowers.com.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung