I can't believe that God put us on earth to be ordinary. Lou Holtz 


Medical Intuitive Readings

Energetically scanning your body, I access and utilize its vibrational information to accelerate your body’s return to wellness.  In conjunction with this reading, you receive layers of Reiki and Karuna Reiki Energies coupled with Light and Sound Vibrational Energies. This harmony of energetics empowers and stimulates your body’s natural healing processes. These sessions support your body’s natural propensity to heal.
Sessions: $295. It is best to email me at Lillian@LillianFlowers.com for a worksheet to assist you in organizing your body’s information and prepare for the session.  Please include any time restrictions to your availability so that I may schedule you accordingly.

MEDICAL INTUITION CLASS – Get to know your body better! This self-healing technique can benefit everyone. Through utilization of a meditation technique taught as part of the class, you will be introduced to a deeper awareness of your body’s systems. The technique offered appears simple and its amazing effectiveness lies in your own desire to heal, coupled with your body’s natural determination to achieve homeostasis. Class: 3 hours $135

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